Crystal Lighting: Jewellery For Your Home

Crystal Lighting: Jewellery For Your Home

Crystal and Colourful Lighting.

To transform a house into a home, we focus on using lights as a form of jewellery for the home. Beautiful crystal dropletschandeliers and colourful hues bring an elegant style to any room. They say you should only have things you need or find beautiful in your home so always dress it to impress!

A statement crystal lights do just that. Whether your home is modern, classy or traditional, crystal lights add that elegance and sparkles to your room.

A huge advantage of crystal lights is that it simply works with any colour scheme. The clear transparent nature of these materials is both classy and neutral, that’s not to say they don’t come in a range of tinted colours. After all, the idea here is to draw the eye! Jewellery should shine and sparkle so what better than a light fixture to jewel up your home?

If you don’t have a particularly high ceiling, then it may be worth considering a flush ceiling light or flush mount light. There are many beautified crystal lights that will give your room a delicate sparkle as well as mixes of chrome and crystal to maximise the light reflected.

Alternatively, if you have a higher ceiling then a pendant light or chandelier may be an option. There are plenty of options available in different materials and in a variety of vibrant colours. If you want the jewel effect but something a little less dramatic than a crystal chandelier then a subtly coloured glass pendant light may be preferred.

Floor lamps and table lamps are also brilliant ways of adding the jewellery look to your home. Many are available with chrome bases, some with crystal columns and others with ceramic detailing.

The table lamp range with clear crystal column is also a great choice for those after less sparkle but a smoother shape, like a precious stone.

Browse through our collection of crystal lighting and give your home the shine it deserves!


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