What is so good about LEDs?

What is so good about LEDs?

Have you wondered what is the difference between LEDs and other light sources? What is LEDs anyway? And why it is better?

"It is very simple. A very simple decision that could have a tsunami impact on you and your energy bill."

LED (light-emitting diodes) is a type of electronic light source. They are different from other light sources because they will last much longer, consume far less energy and emit very little heat. Additionally, LEDs does not contain any mercury or lead and is a safer option in general since there is no glass or filament involved. So far so good?

Well, there are more benefits from LEDs. As you can see, a lower wattage LED bulb produces more lumens than traditional bulbs which means that LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than conventional bulbs of equivalent brightness. 

Another advantage of LEDs comes from their long-lasting lifetime.  Overall, LED lights can range from 10,000 to 50,000 hours depending on their quality. That's a maximum of 17 years if you keep your lights on for 8 hours every day! It can be done because heat is removed through the heat sinks which slow down their lumen depreciation and helps extend the lifetime of LED lights. 

In other words, LED lights are able to produce less heat and are better in cooling down so the brightness does not disappear so fast and, as a result, a light that lasts much longer! 

By switching to LEDs you are looking at saving a considerable amount of money due to their lower wattages, and the far longer life expectancy. Once you have switched to LEDs, you will start to save money in less than a year. That's the best thing about LEDs because electricity is not getting any cheaper nowadays and, as a savvy shopper, every little saving can go a long way. 

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Therefore, at Terra Lumen Lighting, all of our products have built-in LEDs because we believe in making modern home looks unique and saving the environment at the same time. Even our big crystal chandeliers are under 100W. Yes, that is less than a standard light bulb! We like to think that LEDs should be part of the light itself. This will craft more innovative designs and experience the true potential of LEDs. So, switching to LEDs decorative lights makes your home looks good, saving you money and our environment all at the same time.

That is why LEDs is so good. 




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