Total Bliss Massage Chair
Total Bliss Massage Chair
Total Bliss Massage Chair
Total Bliss Massage Chair

Total Bliss Massage Chair

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The Total Bliss massage chair is a luxurious and innovative piece of furniture designed to provide relaxation and therapeutic benefits through the use of various massage techniques. It is equipped with advanced technology and ergonomic design, a massage chair offers users a rejuvenating and stress-relieving experience in the comfort of their own home.

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The Total Bliss massage chair offers:

  • 20 Preset Massage Programmes 
  • 6 Massage Techniques
  • 3 Massage Widths
  • 5 Massage Speeds
  • 5 working ranges of the massage arms

Product Information: 

4D system - The massage arms move in three places, adjust the speed at the same time and allow you to adjust the intensity to make the massage even more accurate and imitate hand movements even better.
Stretching function - The armchair, thanks to the guide divided into two parts, moves the backrest and seat independently, and with the simultaneous operation of the airbags, takes the right position to stretch the body gently and sensitively.
SL-shape - The massage is carried out on the longest stretch of 135 cm from the neck to the thighs. The curved S-shaped guide precisely follows the natural shape of the spine.
Zero Wall - Many modern massage chairs are designed with space-saving technology, which means they can be positioned just inches from a wall, making them a practical addition to any room.
Heating - Integrated heating elements gently warm and relax the muscles, enhancing the overall massage experience. This gentle warmth provides a sensation of relief and comfort, particularly in tense or sore areas. Adjust the heating to the back and waist, or use the overlay to warm the abdominal and chest muscles.
Zero Gravity - This unique position reclines the chair to a specific angle, evenly distributing your body weight and reducing strain on the spine. It enhances the efficacy of the massage and promotes deep relaxation.
Health Detection System - Using a digital sensor to detect the users health status, the chair measures the pulse and oxygen level in the blood. Using the results detected to customise massages to the individuals needs.
Leg massage - The combination of a foot roller massage and a kneading calf massage allows you to remove tension and relieve pain in the legs after a whole day in just a few minutes.
Air Compression Massage - Airbags within the chair inflate and deflate strategically to provide a gentle squeezing and stretching motion, promoting improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation. 
Speakers with Bluetooth function - This model come with built-in speakers and connectivity options. This allows you to enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, or videos while you indulge in a massage, creating a complete sensory experience.
Innovative control - The LCD table lets you easily adjust settings, switch massage modes, and change intensity levels with the touch of a button. Voice control also available to control massage programmes.
Magnetotherapy - The magnetic field acting in the area of the spine supports the reconstruction of cells and keeps the back in good condition.
Quality - Attention to the smallest detail is visible in every element of the effective design. The highest quality materials are the perfect complement to advanced features.

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