Claudia Velvet Armchair
Claudia Velvet Armchair

Claudia Velvet Armchair

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 On Display in our store at Hillington (near braehead)

Discover Luxury Seating with Our Claudia Velvet Armchair: A Unique Design for Maximum Comfort. This armchair features a striking red velvet upholstery and a distinctive asymmetrical design. With one higher arm and one lower arm, it allows for a relaxed seating experience where you can comfortably hook your leg over the low armrest. Immerse yourself in both style and comfort with this avant-garde addition to your living space.

Velvet is known for its softness and smooth feel, providing a comfortable and inviting surface. It can enhance the overall coziness of furniture, making it a popular choice for seating areas.

Product Information:

Size (cm): L100 x D73 x H80

Colour: Red

Material: Velvet Upholstery 

Weight: 16kg

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